Spa Sciences SIMA Sonic Dermaplaning Tool 2-in-1 Women's Facial Exfoliation & Hair Removal System


SIMA features multiple benefits all in one simple-to-use beauty device. SIMA saves you time by allowing you to simultaneously remove unwanted facial hair while providing an expert exfoliating treatment. SIMA is a quick, easy and painless solution to rejuvenate the complexion and remove dulling peach fuzz for a more youthful complexion with a healthy glow.

SIMA features sonic speeds of 250+ beats per second to remove unwanted facial hair, improve the look of enlarged pores, the feel of rough skin texture while improving the appearance of uneven skin tone, fine lines, and wrinkles in a safe, painless and effective way.

SIMA features 3 speed /power settings so that you are able to personalize your at-home dermaplaning session to meet your individual preferences. Low, medium and high speeds help you achieve your most radiant, softest, and smoothest complexion yet!


  • SIMA features a soft rubber coating for comfort, ease-of-use and to prevent slipping
  • SIMA features a rechargeable battery so you never have to deal with the hassle, environmental waste, and expense of disposable batteries
  • SIMA features total cord-free convenience when in use so that you are never tethered to a wall and have a complete range of motion. Being “cord-free” also makes SIMA an ideal travel companion to touch up any unwanted hairs and smooth complexion on-the-go
  • USB Rechargeable SIMA features simple USB Capabilities so that you can easily charge SIMA’s battery just like your cell phone.
  • Travel-Friendly / In-flight Safety Compliance SIMA is powered by a USB rechargeable NiMH battery that is safe for travel in carry-on luggage or checked baggage (lithium-free


  • Brand: Spa Sciences
  • Color: White