Ritz Chef's Line Hi-Temp Silicone Mitt, Black, Oven Mitt


The RITZ 685 offers the ultimate in heat protection, with heat-, flame- and steam-resistance up to 685°F. The solid silicone exterior allows the RITZ 685 to get wet or greasy, and still protect, unlike traditional mitts. This case includes one individually bagged 17" mitt. 


  • Temperature-resistant up to 685°—the strongest protection on the market
  • FDA approved and food safe
  • Protects against steam, boiling water, heat, fryer oil and flames
  • Won’t smoke or burn in open flames
  • Unique tread design for a confident grip
  • Bleach-resistant and dishwasher- and laundry-safe
  • Silicone exterior
  • 100% cotton interior


  • Brand: Ritz Chef's Line